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ATK International, Inc. (Advancing the Kingdom) is an educational 501c3 non-profit originating in 2005. Cliff received his Doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2006. In January 2007 Cliff and Julie sold and gave away their businesses and went full time on the mission field starting in Kitali, Kenya and ending up in nearly 100% Islamic remote group of villages in Eastern Uganda (Iganga District) . In July of 2007, after 3 weeks of small crusades in these villages, the first church was planted. In 2008 an orphanage began with 24 children, which now serves to house students with very minimal living situations.

In the last 12 years, a total of 5 churches have been planted; ATK has both Kenyan and
Ugandan Pastors and is registered with the Born Again Faith Federation (BAFF) in Kampala. Three of the churches serve as ministry bases that house children, staff members and teachers as well as the pastor and his family. Three water wells and an artesian well have been put in; placed next to 3 churches and schools. We conduct 2 village crusades a week, as well as outreaches, bible studies, and discipleship classes every week. In all, including the church services, the ATK team probably minister to upwards of 2500 people per week. This past June, 97 were water baptized, most who became Christians in the past year, including teens from Muslim families.

PROJECT LYDIA began in 2010, with 10 women to help widows and abandoned wives to take care of their families. Today approximately 350 women and 50 teenage students work with Project Lydia make jewelry, baskets, and handbags. One result: teenage marriage and pregnancy rates have significantly reduced because of hope of a better future. Many more girls are going to secondary school now.In 2015 a Christian primary school was built. 70% of the 435 students are from Muslim families. Cliff built good relationships over the years with the Muslim leaders of various villages, and they want the good education that we provide. Their children are now attending our Christian school. The first graduating 7th grade class earned top scores on their national exams earlier this year. In June 2017 another primary school, grades

pre-K through third grade opened in another village whose children do not attend school because of the distance of available schools. Approximately 700 children are now going to school. February 11, 2019 ATK opened a High School serving S1 and S2 students. We are planning to add one grade level per year for the next 4 years to graduate S6 students.In January 2018, Dr. Cliff, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away which left Julie to take the helm as director. She is committed to go on with the mission in Uganda.God continues moving in power; the ministry continues to grow. Thank you for your consideration, support and for your prayers.

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